Value Investing Stock Screener

When Warren Buffett was young, he went through the Moody’s Manuals page-by-page to search for undervalued stocks. The result was so good that he went through them twice. For most people though, study every stock in the market is too time consuming, a screener would be helpful to filter out less attractive stocks. So the purpose of this screener is not to provide a magic mirror which can automatically tell you which stock to buy, rather, it's for reducing the scope of the candidate stocks. For example, you can tweak the parameters to yield, say, 200 stocks, then you can study them one by one, and probably you can find one or two stocks that you are willing to invest in. If you want a screener that can automatically tell you which stock to buy, this screener is probably not for you(BTW, such screener doesn't exist, your own research is always needed if you want to invest in individual stocks).

Disclaimer: this is a tool to reduce the number of stocks for further research, it's not a recommendation to buy or sell any stocks, we are not responsible for your financial gain or loss.

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Price / Earnings < (Mandatory Parameter)

Forward Price / Earnings <

Price / Book <

Return On Equity > %

Return On Assets > %

Net Margin > %

Exclude Industries: (Example: Airline,Auto Manufacturers)

Only Include Industries: (Example: Bank,Loans)

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